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RIFT Small Business Base Camp

Created at
Kennedys Accounting Ltd

Join us on 13th of May 2015, Kent Event Centre, Detling for Kent 2020 Base Camp.

Setting up and running a small business is an exhilarating ascent into the unknown, but the right training and equipment can mean the difference between a successful assault on the peak and the uncontrolled plummets that claim the lives of so many promising young ventures. To get to the top, you'll need expert guides, seasoned safety specialists and the best climbing and safety gear around.

Start your ascent at the RIFT Small Business Base Camp, and meet the adventurers, inventors and explorers of RIFT Accounting and RIFT Research & Development. We'll see you out on the rock face...

The Small Business Base Camp is the launching station for your adventures in business. We're here to help you plan your journey, field test your equipment and make sure you have all the supplies, advice and funding your expedition requires. With solid, practical guidance and the sharpest eyes in the business for spotting opportunities and dangers, we'll make sure your footing is firm and your grip strong enough to reach the summit.

RIFT Accounting are the trackers and bodyguards you'll need for your journey, and you can be sure we'll be there to catch you if you slip on the way up. RIFT Accounting's very own Chief Explorer and NASA-trained super-scientist Jane Ollis will be on hand with the powerful restorative blend of advice, support and encouragement that only she can brew, so come over and see one of the greatest explorers of our time in action!

RIFT Research and Development is dedicated to keeping you at the cutting edge of innovation, ensuring you've always got the right equipment in the best condition. Whatever challenges and opportunities your adventures throw your way, it is those who find new and creative solutions that will survive. The UK government wants to reward the risk takers and the inventors and is putting cash back into the hands of small businesses with the courage and insight to invest their own funds in developing something new. If you're going your own way, solving problems and committing time and resources to innovation, there's a lot we can do to help. RIFT Research & Development specialists will be on hand at our Base Camp to talk you through the nuts and bolts of the scheme, so let them know about your business and they'll be able to advise if you're eligible for Government reimbursement. Don't be shy to come and chat. With an average of £46,000 on the table for innovators, you can't afford to miss out!

The RIFT Small Business Base Camp is designed to form the foundation of your business journey. From planning your route and packing your kit to sending our rescue parties if you start to lose your way, we're here for every step of your tricky climb. We've got presentations, practical workshops and interviews with clients and partners by Paul Andrews of The Business Bunker on the stand, so it's time to strap on your wingsuit, cram a mint cake in your mouth and head out on an adventure...

The best adventurers do their planning in advance, so if you want to contact us right now, send up flares to:

RIFT Accounting
01233 653006

RIFT Research & Development
01233 653002