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Startmybiz Boot Camp: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Starting Up a Business But Were Too Afraid to Ask

Created at
Kennedys Accounting Ltd

Listen up, future magnates and first-time adventurers. RIFT Group's very own ex NASA-intern-super-scientist-MD, Jane Ollis, is about to drop a serious knowledge-bomb on your start-up ambitions. If you're a student, graduate or job seeker with a great idea and the drive to turn it into a business, you're going to want to hear what she has to say.

From the mysterious, exotic surroundings of Canterbury's Abode Hotel, Jane will equip you with the clear and practical advice you need to safely explore the small business jungle. You'll learn how to hack your way clear through the dense jargon and complex procedures surrounding HMRC and Customs House, and to efficiently navigate the thorny undergrowth of VAT and payrolls. Caution: there may be dinosaurs...

To book your ticket on this daring expedition, visit the Startmybiz events page.

Startmybiz is a committed to helping people start businesses in Canterbury, and to making the city an ideal place to do so. Its purpose is to ensure that start-up creators and innovators get the support and advice they need, offering all the gain with none of the pain.