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Kennedys Accounting Ltd

RIFT Group announces that Jane Ollis will lead their new division RIFT Accounting.

Jane is moving on from her current role as CEO of business growth specialists BSK to begin her new role on the 10th November 2014. RIFT Accounting will be the Small Businesses’ Bodyguard: providing specialist accounting advice and support for start ups, sole traders and small limited companies.

Jan Post, Managing Director, RIFT Group says: “We are delighted to welcome Jane to the RIFT Group as the new Managing Director of RIFT Accounting. Jane will bring her extensive understanding of the needs of growing businesses to build a different kind of accounting service. With strategic management and motivational skills honed in her previous role at BSK, we are sure that Jane will be an inspiration to our clients, partners and the team at RIFT Group. We are looking forward to working together to build something new which will help small business owners realise their dreams and achieve the success they deserve. Whether our RIFT Accounting clients are just starting out or getting ready to hit the big time, we understand that it takes more than simple bean-counting to realise that dream - we are thrilled that Jane will be leading the team on that adventure!”

Asked why Jane has made the move, she explains: “I’ve enjoyed getting to know RIFT over the last year as one of Kent’s high growth companies. I’ve been really impressed – they are a forward thinking dynamic company, with great people, a flair for innovation and a passion for great customer service. So when they started looking for someone to head up RIFT Accounting, which I had been involved with right from the concept stage, it was an opportunity not to be missed and a chance to move into a national and I expect international role.”

Based in Ashford, Kent since 1999, the RIFT Group works with clients across the UK, providing complementary services that deliver real financial benefits. Already long established as the UK's leading tax refund experts, the RIFT Group continue to diversify their expertise and grow a reputation for excellence in Capital Allowances, Research & Development tax credits, Will Writing, and now Accounting services. RIFT Accounting will be at Kent 2020 Vision Start Up LIVE on the 22nd October where we will be holding a jargon free workshop on all you need to know about starting a new business.