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Wanted: Adventurers, Thrill-Seekers and Troublemakers

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Kennedys Accounting Ltd

Starting up in business is an exhilarating plunge into the unknown, and RIFT Accounting wants to take it with you.

It's a jungle out there, and it takes a special kind of explorer to survive. You may stand to lose personal savings, and it could be years before you start to see a profit. The odds are stacked high, with one in five new businesses dying within their first twelve months and half of the rest vanishing within three years. We know you've got a dream. We know you've got the passion and willpower to pursue it - but going your own way doesn't have to mean going it alone. You'll have tough decisions and harsh terrain to negotiate along the way, but the right advice will get you where you're going faster, while keeping you clear of predators and claim-jumpers. From picking the best spot for your first base camp to dividing up your hard-earned treasure, RIFT Accounting is the ideal guide for your adventure. Show us your destination and we'll draw you a map.

If you're starting up in business, it's because you've got a vision. We respect that, and we'll do everything we can to help you make it a reality. The first and biggest step you'll have to take will be working out if your idea has real legs. Discovering that your leopard repellent is 45% effective is good and useful information, sure - but grabbing one by the tail might not be the best way to find that fact out in the wild. Even if your core idea is sound, it's worth scouting out who your likely competition might be. If someone already tried to cut the same trail you're following and failed, then the bones they left behind might serve as signposts of trouble-spots or treacherous terrain. If others are hacking their own way toward the same goal as you, then you'll need to know your allies from your rivals. With detailed knowledge of all the hidden dangers and riches of the business jungle, RIFT Accounting can guide you directly to your treasure and keep you from triggering that pesky rolling-bolder trap on your way out.

Speaking of treasure, you're going to want to keep a tight rein on your loot-hoard, too. It's hard to believe, we know, but poor cash-flow management kills more small businesses than enraged elephants and mutant carnivorous plants combined. Healthy financial projections won't save you if they're based on turnover or sales volume, rather than actual profit - and the personal protections your Limited Company status offers you will be small comfort as you watch your whole business sink into an unmarked swamp. From Sole Traders to Limited Companies, RIFT Accounting specialises in leading small businesses to the fabled cities of gold. With proven expertise, close collaboration and no arcane language to decipher, we'll keep you safe and free you up to focus on the journey ahead. Think of the adventures we'll have...

At RIFT Accounting, we're here for the avid adventurers, the intrepid explorers and the mad inventors - the restless visionaries who'll never be at peace until they've made their mark on the world. Our clients have the passion and drive to turn an impossible dream into a living, breathing, growing reality. Show us that you've got what it takes to survive and we'll show you what it takes to succeed.

Basically, we're the unicorn of accountants - believe in us and we'll grant your wishes.

Come and see us at Stand 104 at The Business Startup Show in London Olympia on 27th-28th November.