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Quote request from a business in PE2

Created on
Mon 18 January 2016 10:44pm

Business details

Number of employees
State of records
In a file or box
Business age
Less than a year
Current turnover
£20k - £50k
Type of business
Limited company (Ltd)

I am currently looking for an accounting company to handle my quarterly VAT returns. I am selling on Amazon UK using my US based LLC. I have registered for a UK VAT number back in October. I am currently on 7.5% flat rate scheme. Made less then 15K GBP in sales in the last quarter of 2015. I can generate all kinds of sales and tax reports on Amazon.

I was interested in your quote to handle this on a quarterly basis. Obviously, as a small business we are price sensitive, but we are currently experiencing rapid growth, so there should be a lot of opportunity for future cooperation.

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