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Quote request from a business in RG24

Created on
Tue 12 January 2016 4:49pm

Business details

Number of employees
State of records
In a file or box
Business age
One to two years
Current turnover
Under £20k
Type of business
Sole trader
I run TechteamGB, a very small independent technology site that focuses on high quaility videos on PC hardware and consumer electronics. To summarise, I'm terrible at finances (documenting it and submitting records and such) and am trying to both rent a house, and legitimise the business, and need to get this sorted and arranged. I'm planning on moving to Nottingham, so remote/online work is key for me, and ideally you'll be able to take this off my hands. Something to note is I don't make a huge amount of money, and this is mostly my sole income, so can't afford a huge amount each month. I'd really like to hear from someone quickly. Oh - to clarify records, I have some grasp on things but some digging and difficult questions may be necessary.

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