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Quote request from a business in LS17

Created on
Sat 22 August 2015 7:12am

Business details

Number of employees
3 - 5
State of records
Well organised
Business age
More than five years
Current turnover
£500k - £2.5m
Type of business
Limited company (Ltd)
we are a small wholly private incorporated dentist practice with a sole principal and 3 members of staff. Remuneration is on a fee per item basis. Virtually all of the fee income is received via credit cards and cheques and our annual turnover is approx 550K. we have approximately 25 suppliers and pay these via BACS in the following month from the receipt of goods and services. We require an accountant who will provide book keeping service and produce a list of suppliers to be paid and P/L analysis and cash in hand figures each month and also produce annual accounts. All invoices will be scanned and deposited in a drop box as well as being posted. We make all effort to be extremely efficient in our delivery of information to minimize effort in chasing up of data. Want to work remotely with an accountant.

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