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Quote request from a business in HP13

Created on
Fri 15 May 2015 6:42pm

Business details

Number of employees
State of records
Well organised
Business age
Less than a year
Current turnover
Under £20k
Type of business
Sole trader
I have 3 pensions and a part time job which are all taxed by standard PAYE.

I have recently taken on some consultancy work. In March 2015 I had an income of about £1400 from this work and I expect to earn about £6000 in the current financial year.

I need some advice on how best to maximise my net income, Nat Ins contributions etc.

I have been quoted £500 pa for this work which I feel represents a large outlay given the income involved.

Need someone to do my tax returns. Do not mind working locally or remotely.

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