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Should You Change Your Accountant?

Created at
Centrum Chartered Accountants

Should you change your accountant? Well the simple answer is maybe, but what you definitely should do is check if you need to. Legislation is changing constantly and technology is advancing, especially in the last few years, and not all accountants are up to speed on both or in some cases either.  Yet legislative and technological changes both impact on your business in terms of time and money.

Some people stick with the same mobile phone provider and tariff, the same savings account or energy provider for years, missing out on significant cost savings. The same can be true of sticking with the same accountant for years; if they don’t keep up to date.  A healthy, profitable business undergoes regular reviews and maintenance; a good accountant should be involved in those processes and also subject to them.

There is nothing to lose and potentially substantial financial and time gains to be had from consulting with one or two new accountants every 2-3 years.  The first consultation is usually free and they should be able to give you a very good indication if you are fine sticking with your current accountant or if you would benefit from a switch.