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The Importance of Hiring a Great Accountant

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Every business, big or small, needs to hire an accountant to protect the financial integrity of the

organisation. Many business owners think that with the assistance of handy software such as

QuickBooks, they can personally handle the accounting, and truth be told, that is the biggest mistake

a business owner can make.

When business owners decide not to hire an accountant they are usually motivated by the savings

they think they will achieve, but fact of the matter is a good accountant can be one of the most

worthwhile investments made in the business, and in the end can actually end up saving the

company money.

Hiring the right accountant can be a valuable asset to your business, no matter how small, and can

provide many benefits at various stages of growth, such as described below.

During Start-up

During the all important start-up phase of a company a great accountant can be beneficial in

providing advice as to what type of company is best suited for the business model, as well as assist in

making decisions in regards to maximising profit. The right accountant will also be able to advise and

guide you through the financial section of a business plan, allowing you a more professional outlook

on what’s to come.

Day to Day Operations

When it comes to the daily operations of a business there are many services an accountant can

provide. These services include managing the recording of financial transactions and ensuring

compliance with the law, overseeing payroll and helping to find cost savings from various vendors,

and from within operating costs. In addition, an accountant will handle all aspects of tax preparation,

such as payroll deductions, financial reports and necessary deductions. Choosing the right

accountant will ensure that a business is able to properly plan for changes in expenses and growth,

creating a financial safety net so the business never faces hardship.

During Periods of Growth

A good accountant is critical to a company during periods of growth, and businesses are able to

benefit from their expertise in several ways. An account will provide valuable advice, in addition to

financial reports to indicate how growth should be handled, as well as provide insight as to

opportunity. They will also help with every aspect of business including planning for expansion,

opening new location or even selling if need be. Using an accredited accountant safeguards a

business from having to experience an audit, or can help work through the process of an audit with

you should one occur.

During Financial Hardship

If a company is experiencing times of financial difficulty an accountant can help to manage the

situation by helping to identify problems within the business, and developing new plans to bring the

finances under control. They can also be useful in working with creditors to organise payment

arrangements, handle any liens and negotiate interest rates, directly affecting the financial situation

of the company.

A great accountant will offer the flexibility needed to meet the needs of individual owners, whether

it is on a full or part time basis, steering the business towards success and financial stability.