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Accounting Made Easy!

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Platform Accounting Ltd

It’s been a long time coming but Platform Accounting’s new website is finally here.  For your benefit I’ve introduced a Knowledge Base that will be updated regularly with help files and answers to common questions and this blog, where I’ll answer your individual questions.

I’m also pleased to announce that Platform has partnered with Clear Books to provide you with a simple, efficient and secure bookkeeping interface. Accounting just got a whole lot easier folks!

But before I give you the rundown of new features, let’s go over a couple of things:

What is online bookkeeping?

Clear Books uses a browser based interface that allows you to input data and download reports straight from the web. Basically that means you can access it from your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) and put your data straight into the software. This means we can both access your data any time, meaning I can work my accounting magic much faster.

Why do your bookkeeping online?

  1. It’s faster! We don’t have to wait for snail mail, everything is instant and that’s a plus.
  2. It’s less time consuming for me which means it’s less expensive for you. I pass on the savings straight to my clients.
  3. You can access your data anywhere through a browser on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.


Now let’s go over those features.

The interface is easy to use and understand.  It's configurable per client so you’ll only see what’s necessary for your business and no extra clutter. This also makes it easy to upgrade when your needs change.

You’ll be able to:

  • Invoice your customers
  • Record expenses
  • Track customer and supplier balances
  • Calculate VAT in real-time


The system can also handle comprehensive reports, produce lists of customers, employees and suppliers, as well as manage your accounts and payroll. It can even integrate with HMRC’s Government Gateway if that’s what we need it to do. During set up we’ll determine which options you need, so you won’t see anything you don’t use.

I chose Clear Books because they’ve gone above and beyond basic accounting software without making it complicated or difficult to use. They follow my personal ethos of giving you what you need to manage your business rather than just your books.

Existing clients are already being introduced to Clear Books and I’m happy with the way it’s streamlining our process. If you’re not already with Platform, you can contact me here:

T: 02476 980440 or 07850 881086


To find out more about Clear Books click here or view the help files.